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[fic] Han Geng/Heechul – SJ – Goat Cheese Pizza – Oneshot

Title: Goat Cheese Pizza
Author: [personal profile] fonulyn
Rating: PG
Pairing: Han Geng/Heechul, Siwon, Sungmin, Ryeowook
Disclaimer: I own no one, only my dirty imagination.
Summary: It had been a brilliant idea to start a band, Heechul knew it. Until they have to name the band at least.
Comments: This was a pinch-hits pinch-hit for [personal profile] sujuexchange but thankfully it never had to be posted since the actual pinch-hit fic is abot nine million times better 8D ANYHOO. This is amusing at least? Enjoy~

It had been a brilliant idea to start a band, Heechul knew it.

Of course, he only had brilliant ideas so it was only natural that this one fell under the category as well. The difference was, though, that while most high school guys formed bands to get popular and to get laid – since hey, chicks love bands and boys in bands – Heechul certainly didn’t. Not with chicks at least. He was much more interested in his band mates, and he knew it wasn’t solely one sided.

They had one problem, though. Their band still didn’t have a name. They were hardly unanimous about anything, so coming up with one was strenuous at best.

“Hey what’s wrong with Sexy Teenage Devils?” Heechul groaned disbelievingly, unable to comprehend that his suggestion wasn’t met by enthusiastic applause and praise. It was an amazing name, he knew it.

Han Geng disagreed though. “You do realize that the abbreviation would be STD? I’m not going to be an STD!” He shook his head. If he wasn’t so good looking, Heechul might’ve considered kicking him out of his band. But he was, very good looking. He wasn’t a bad guitarist either, and they only had one guitarist so he could stay. For now.

“I agree with Hankyung,” Siwon, their drummer, pointed out as he leaned against his drumset slightly. “I don’t want to be an STD either. We should find something that suits us.”

“Does anyone have any other suggestions, then?” Heechul asked, looking around. Han Geng shrugged, Siwon blinked at him from big puppy eyes, Sungmin (their bassist) gave a short headshake and Ryeowook (the keyboardist) looked so lost Heechul deemed that as no, too. “So if not, then we should go for my suggestion!”

“I know!” Siwon sounded absolutely delighted. He straightened to look at his group, his eyes shining. “How about Soldiers of Light!”

He was met with cold stares from both Heechul and Han Geng, but the latter – for once – managed to speak first. “I am not going to play religious rock to convert people to Christianity, Siwon.”

Siwon frowned, but didn’t say anything further about the issue. He didn’t really get the chance, either, since Sungmin hurried to change the subject. They all knew what a sensitive issue religion could be for their drummer, and how Heechul and Han Geng liked to push it regardless. “How about Goat Cheese Pizza?”

“Goat Ch- WHAT!?” Heechul’s eyes flew so wide it seemed almost impossible. “What are you on, Sungmin!?”

“Hey,” Sungmin shrugged a little. “I’m hungry.”

“You know what they say about bassists,” Heechul groaned, nudging Han Geng with his elbow. “They can be so unbelievably stupid.” They were both quite fond of classic bassist jokes, sharing them whenever they got the opportunity, especially since it always led to Siwon defending Sungmin and them teasing Siwon about his obvious crush on said bassist.

“Actually,” Ryeowook spoke up, ignoring the way the two were obviously trying to come up with a good joke or two. “I would rather be a member of Goat Cheese Pizza than a member of STD.”

“Me too!” Siwon echoed, gaining an approving smile from Sungmin, which in turn made him flush lightly.

Heechul rolled his eyes. “Seriously? What is wrong with you guys?”

They took a vote. Goat Cheese Pizza won: four votes against one.


“I still can’t believe you voted against me,” Heechul growled against Han Geng’s shoulder. He had invited Han Geng to stay the night, taking advantage of the opportunity now that his parents were out of town and they could share the whole big house just the two of them.

Not that they needed much more than Heechul’s mattress and the big flat screen TV he had gotten from his parents after a lot of rather creative whining. “You can’t deny–” Han Geng answered, distracted by the TV and the way someone got himself pumped full of lead on screen. “–that the pizza is a way better name than Soldier of Light.”

“Anything is better than that,” Heechul groaned theatrically. “We still could have been something way, way cooler!”

Reluctantly, Han Geng tore his eyes off the action movie. “Seriously, we only have two songs and one of them consists of vocals and a lame bass line. We still have time to come up with a better name before we’ll get famous.”

That obviously was the right thing to say, since instantly a grin spread on Heechul’s face. “Oh we will be so famous. People all over the world will scream my name, watching me own that stage.”

“Why don’t we call the band Heechul and the Boys?” Han Geng suggested, his voice dripping sarcasm.

Heechul did not notice. He simply grinned even wider. “Oh but that sounds perfect.”

796 words

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[identity profile] tokkei-12.livejournal.com 2012-01-21 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
Ha ha ha, short but so very amusing, and the splash of Hanchul was just right to go along with the humor~ “I would rather be a member of Goat Cheese Pizza than a member of STD.” I second that. And now I want pizza XD Loved this!

[identity profile] fonulyn.livejournal.com 2012-01-21 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you! ;D haha and I know what you mean, I want to have pizza too x)

[identity profile] maxism12.livejournal.com 2012-01-21 05:47 pm (UTC)(link)
heechul and the boys

it is perfect! I'm just saying, not that Heechul is my ultimate role model/bias/long lost love/God.

[identity profile] fonulyn.livejournal.com 2012-01-21 07:20 pm (UTC)(link)
ahaha Heechul is just absolutely epic, there is no denying that! ;D

Thanks for reading!