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[fic] Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi – SJM – Why Louis Vuitton Should Make Maternity Pants – Oneshot

Title: Why Louis Vuitton Should Make Maternity Pants
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fonulyn
Rating: PG13 (suggestiveness, language)
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, guest appearances by Hangeng/Heechul, Sungmin
Disclaimer: I own no one, only my dirty imagination.
Summary: When Kyuhyun hears the news, he is stunned. How is this happening to them of all people? Yet as time passes he grows more and more fond of the mere thought.
WARNING: mpreg (though honestly, it’s just 11000+ words of them being all domestic and mushy)
Comments: I wanted to write a fic where Kyu and Mimi have kids and I had no intentions in getting either of them pregnant! But then this happened. Oh and in this universe it’s perfectly normal for men to get pregnant. I don’t really have the brains to figure out all the medical points, just pretend it’s possible. Entertain me. I am perfectly aware this will ruin whatever little credibility I might have left as a serious writer. But… I wanted to? GDI I’m allowed to write weird stuff once in a while, right?

So yeah this is shameless self-indulgent mushy fluff. And I enjoyed every second of it. This is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] plastictear, who is awesome (and who kinda came up with one of the scenes and I stole it and who came up with the title, thank you bb ♥) and [livejournal.com profile] imxaxreader, who is also awesome (and this is for her whether she wants it or not). And a huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] daidetre for reading this through for me ♥

It isn’t like Kyuhyun has been expecting the family to expand so quickly. Granted, he has known that there always was the possibility to get a new addition to their little family, but he has been happy enough with only him, Zhou Mi and the fluffy ball of a dog, whose name he never learned to pronounce properly. It’s his own fault, falling for someone who speaks Chinese and likes to torture him with impossible names.

So when Zhou Mi comes to him with the news, he is stunned. “What do you mean, a child?”

It’s completely impossible to miss the amusement that is evident in the sparkle in Zhou Mi’s eyes, his lips quirking up into one of those entertained little grins. “Well, Kui Xian, I’m sorry you didn’t hear this from your parents or learn this at school, but sometimes when two adults have some quality time together, it kind of results in a baby. Want me to explain you the whole procedure or do you think you’ve had enough… hm, hands on experimenting to be familiar with it?”

“B-but …” Alright, there are really no buts. He knows the procedure that is needed to get pregnant and while it happens way more rarely with men (getting pregnant, that is, not the part that sometimes leads to it) it wasn’t like they hadn’t given it enough opportunities. The mere thought of that makes him blush and as stupid as it is, he could almost swear he knows exactly when that happened. Although it could be he is completely wrong with it, seeing that all it really takes is once and thus there could be at least a few dozen possible incidents that led to this. For example the…

Kyuhyun decides he really doesn’t need to think of that. It doesn’t really matter when it happened. What matters is that it did happen.

“So,” Zhou Mi completely ignores Kyuhyun’s fazed expression and the way he’s gaping at him, obviously unaware of the frantic thoughts running through the younger man’s mind. “I hope you know what we now need to do!”

“Well, lots of things.” The practical side of Kyuhyun takes over and he rubs his temples as he tries to get his thoughts in order. Maybe they managed to make the baby that one time they visited his parents just recently, or maybe--- okay stop it, Kyuhyun, he commands himself inwardly, stop it. “First of all we need to turn the storage room into a working room and the working room into a nursery. We need to baby-safe everything in the apartment and we need to buy a bed and some diapers, I don’t know. We need to call our parents and we need to organize a daycare and paternity leave and – ”

Zhou Mi’s exasperated sigh is loud enough to silence Kyuhyun and he stops, his mouth still open as he stares at the other man. “No, Kui Xian!” Zhou Mi shakes his head, sighing again as if to show that the other man is completely impossible.

“No?” Kyuhyun is truly puzzled.

“No. We need to go shop baby clothes!” Zhou Mi squeals happily, nearly flailing in excitement.

The reality fully sinks in only days later. They are spending a completely normal evening together at home. Zhou Mi is half-lying on the couch with his legs propped up on it, humming silently to himself as he flips through some random fashion magazine. Kyuhyun is sitting on the floor right next to the couch, leaning on it so he only needs to tilt his head back to rest it against Zhou Mi’s thigh. It’s comfortable, it’s reassuring and it’s something they’ve done for ages. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Except that suddenly, the thought hits Kyuhyun and he nearly drops the controller, staring at the screen without seeing anything – not even the way his character is being slaughtered messily. Can I play games like this when there’s a kid around? Ironically is his first thought and he begins to note how there’s blood scattered everywhere and the playable character is missing a limb or two. It’s not like this is such a good influence on a child, seeing violence and blood and…

He is becoming a father.

Suddenly it feels so much more real and this time he does drop the controller, his head snapping around to stare at the six-foot giant lying on the couch. The sudden noise has alarmed Zhou Mi and he is looking straight back at him, eyebrows raised questioningly. “What is it? Did you forget something?” He asks curiously as it’s quite obvious that something has just struck Kyuhyun hard. As the younger man doesn’t answer, he goes on with a soft smile. “I stored the shoppings away after you, the ice cream is in the freezer and the pep – ”

He never finishes the sentence and the magazine is ripped off his hands and thrown on the floor. Instinctively he moves and straightens his legs out of the way when Kyuhyun leans closer, pressing his ear against his stomach. It’s as if he’s listening, intently, and the concentrated expression makes Zhou Mi smile. “You can’t really hear or feel anything yet. It’s way too early, Kui Xian.” At least that’s what he supposes, he still doesn’t know much about any of this either. He never thought he would end up with a new life growing inside of him. Though it’s not entirely a bad thought now that it’s happening.

“Shht,” Kyuhyun just raises his hand and silences the other man, his head remaining where it is. It’s almost a religious experience for him and he doesn’t even know why. Somehow he simply needs it to wrap his mind around everything that is happening.

Finally, he speaks up, distantly noticing Zhou Mi’s long fingers running through his hair soothingly. “How do we go from here? I mean… an appointment? Doctors? We’ll do it all together, right?” He still has no idea how this will work out but he’s pretty certain they can do it. As long as they stick together and support each other through everything. Somehow he even likes the thought.

“I was hoping we would,” Zhou Mi admits, patting the back of the other man’s head. “I have an appointment next week. Would you go with me?”

Kyuhyun smiles. “Idiot. Just note the time in my calendar.”

Kyuhyun is still scared. He knows that Zhou Mi is scared, too. But at the same time there’s this bubbling excitement stirring somewhere deep within, and somehow Kyuhyun finds himself even looking forward to the baby clothes shopping.

A couple of days later Kyuhyun is back from work early. He sends Zhou Mi a message, asking him to pick up dinner on his way home. He washes the dishes (two coffee mugs, three plates and a few glasses), takes out the garbage and even irons his clean shirts for the week. Even after all that, there is still way too much time to kill. He sits in front of the TV and flips through the channels. He considers his laptop for a moment, but decides against it.

Before he even notices it, he has grabbed his phone and dialled the familiar number, waiting for his best friend to pick up. He does, after four beeps, and Sungmin’s cheerful voice fills his ears. “Kyuhyun! What’s up? It’s been a while. How’s Zhou Mi?” He launches off in a typical babble, trying to make the most of those short phone calls. Kyuhyun isn’t much of a talker on the phone, they only call each other very irregularly. That never stopped them from being best friends though, not even though Sungmin lives half across the country and they see even more rarely than they talk.

Patiently, Kyuhyun waits for the questions to stop, answering most of them half-heartedly. His thoughts are already elsewhere, trying to figure out how to bring up the topic he wants to discuss. “And Mi is fine,” he finishes off, smiling despite himself. He is fairly sure one can hear it in his voice. “Actually, he is kind of the reason I wanted to talk to you.”

“He is? Something wrong? You wouldn’t hide it from me if there was something, right?” Sungmin’s cheery tone is gone in an instant and he sounds worried, Kyuhyun can picture the slight frown and the concerned look perfectly. He’s seen it often enough. “C’mon, don’t toy with me! You know it makes me go through all the possible horror scenarios in my mind!”

“He is… we are… it’s that…” Kyuhyun stutters and inwardly he curses, knowing that even for him this is bad, he is usually at least slightly more eloquent. Apparently not now. “Fuck, why does this feel so awkward?” He groans displeased.

“Cho Kyuhyun. Stop circling around it and finally tell me what is going on! You’re not breaking up, are you?” Sungmin takes on his strictest tone, trying to will his friend to respond. “You’d better not be since last time I checked you were so sickeningly sweet together that it must mean the world is ending and I have to enjoy the last days on earth before it’s all over.”

“Shit, no!” Kyuhyun shakes his head firmly although the other man can’t see it, but he feels like it emphasizes his words anyway. “We’re not. If anything, we’re more stuck with each other than ever. We’re…” Well, out with it, he thinks and bites his lip shortly before blurting it out. “We’re having a baby.”

There is stunned silence.

After a while, Sungmin speaks up again, tentative and confused. “A… baby?”

“Yes, you know, those things that eat and sleep and shit and make gargling noises?” Kyuhyun groans, rolling into the couch until he is lying on his back, his legs high in the air. He kicks a few times, reaches to pick a speck of dirt off his knee. He should wash these jeans already, he notes mentally. “It feels so weird, you know. I didn’t know that… or okay, I knew it can happen, of course I did, I’m not stupid or anything although I sound like it right now. But it’s so rare, I never thought it’d happen to us.” It isn’t like him to burst out babbling but then again, the whole situation is something completely new for him.

“Are you done?” Sungmin asks with a tinge of amusement in his voice and once Kyuhyun hums in response, he goes on softly. “How are you coping?”

Kyuhyun picks on an invisible spot of dirt on the backrest of the couch, throwing his legs over it. “I don’t know. I’m nervous? We’re young. Like, really young. And it’s such a big responsibility. I’m not sure if I can do it.” He pauses. When he goes on his voice is silent, barely audible. “I’m scared for him, too. It’s going to be rough.”

“He’s tougher than you think, Kyu.” Sungmin reminds gently, like so many times before. “Just answer me one question, okay?”

“Sure.” Kyuhyun nods, again forgetting it can’t be seen. He drops his head off the couch, staring at the upside down wall in front of him while all the blood rushes to his head.

“Do you want the kid?”

For a moment, Kyuhyun stops completely. Does he? He knows it means letting go of so much, making sacrifices and taking responsibility, changing their lives to suit the needs of the newcomer. He isn’t certain he is ready for it, he isn’t certain Zhou Mi is either. Then again… “I do.” He surprises even himself with how the answer comes straight from the heart.

Sungmin practically squeals. “I’m going to be an uncle!”

“Oh shut up.” Kyuhyun sneers, but he is grinning widely nevertheless. And they both know it.

Kyuhyun’s knowledge is very limited when it comes to pregnancy. He knows that his mother’s very male cousin had a child. He just never paid any attention to it and he doesn’t think he can call his mother and ask about it, either. Oh hi mom, by the way, how did uncle’s pregnancy go? Did the labour go uncomplicated? No, he would have to figure this out otherwise.

The next few nights Kyuhyun spends in front of his laptop, his chin propped on his palm as he reads page after page of medical articles, searches for every bit of information he can possibly find. He doesn’t even notice when bare feet pad against the floor, a tall figure crossing the room until Zhou Mi is standing right next to him. He slides an arm around Kyuhyun’s shoulders, leaning against him weakly.

“Aren’t you coming to bed?” He asks softly, idly playing with the sleeve of Kyuhyun’s shirt. “It’s four am already. We both need to work tomorrow.” There is gentle prodding in his voice and Kyuhyun knows better, hears both the worry and the sheer stubbornness there.

Kyuhyun rubs his eyes as he straightens, his spine giving several snaps to accompany the low groan that emits from his throat. Zhou Mi’s hand isn’t playing with his shirt anymore, but instead drawing random patterns on his shoulder, and he leans his head against the taller man’s stomach. “We need to be prepared,” he nearly whispers, closing his eyes as he feels long fingers toy with his hair. “I need to know.”

There is a short silence, but it is in no way oppressive or awkward. It is rather silent understanding, the two of them sharing something without words. Kyuhyun turns his head until he can bury his nose into Zhou Mi’s shirt, inhaling his scent deeply. That at least always calms him down.

They stay like that for a while, Zhou Mi twirling strands of Kyuhyun’s hair between his fingers. Suddenly Kyuhyun smirks but Zhou Mi doesn’t notice, doesn’t have the time to react before the younger man buries his face into his shirt and blows, knowing fully well it tickles. In mere seconds Zhou Mi doubles over, laughing as he tries to swat at Kyuhyun’s head. “You brat! How am I going to start a family with a big kid!?” He tries, but Kyuhyun sees the happy sparkle in his eyes.

“Now c’mon, mommy,” he smirks, secretly enjoying that he can finally attribute that word to the other man, now that he has clear tangible proof that he is the girl in this relationship. At least occasionally. “Let’s get to bed. I bet your toes are freezing.”

He is right. Once they snuggle into bed under the covers Zhou Mi unceremoniously stuffs his icy feet between Kyuhyun’s calves. He even has the nerve to hum happily, and Kyuhyun would push him away if he wasn’t so comfortable here, he really would.

But somehow he can’t bring himself to find the strength. So he hugs Zhou Mi closer instead. And tangles their legs even more to make sure he is kept warm.

The next day they have to work indeed but it’s the last day of the week and they celebrate their Saturday lying in bed until their backs ache and they absolutely need to get up for some food. Zhou Mi takes the little dog out and makes sure there is food in the bowl afterwards, taking a moment to happily entertain the little ball of fur. Kyuhyun tries to get them something to eat, which in his case means going through the freezer and realizing there is nothing, and promptly moving over to order something.

An hour later they’re sitting in bed again, surrounded by empty cartons of takeout and watching a livestream of some ridiculous gameshow on Kyuhyun’s laptop that they carefully positioned at the end of the bed. Zhou Mi is giggling at something, really giggling, and Kyuhyun can’t help but grin even though he has no idea what is going on in the show right now. He wants to lean in and kiss those smiling lips, wants to brush away the stray strand of hair that has fallen on Zhou Mi’s face.

Somewhere in the next room he can hear their little dog yapping and he knows it’s probably again watching out of the window and imagining there is something interesting. It stops soon enough and he sends a silent thanks to heavens that he doesn’t need to get up from the bed. Instead he sweeps the empty cardboard boxes off until they land to a big heap right on the floor. Zhou Mi gives him a disapproving look but he has never minded, only grinning in turn. The older man would be distracted by the TV soon enough.

When the dog lets out another small bark later, having jogged into the bedroom and found the cartons to play with, something hits Kyuhyun’s mind and he turns to the other man. “Mi?”

It takes a moment for Zhou Mi to react, the program keeping him fascinated until there’s a convenient commercial break and he can look away. “Yes?” He smiles softly, stretching his feet under the blanket until he can poke Kyuhyun’s knees with his toes, that exact smile turning a little wider.

Kyuhyun grins back at him, easily grabbing the thin ankle and all it takes is a brush of his thumb to make Zhou Mi laugh and fall on the mattress, flailing in surrender. The man is ticklish everywhere, sometimes Kyuhyun wonders how he can even touch him without setting off a random gigglefit. Then again, Zhou Mi only seems to be ticklish when he wants to. Apparently now is one of those moments since it’s way too easy for Kyuhyun to reduce Zhou Mi to a giggling, flailing heap of long limbs, trying to dodge pointy elbows in the process.

They’re both laughing, their cheeks flushed and Kyuhyun lying half on top of Zhou Mi when the former finally manages to get out what he tried to say already earlier. He tries to look as serious as he possibly can, but the stubborn grin is ruining his attempts effectively. “We are not giving the child a name I can’t pronounce.” He announces sternly.

A lazy grin spreads on Zhou Mi’s lips and as if on command their little dog lets out a happy bark. That makes Zhou Mi giggle in turn and he tilts his head, looking like the picture of innocence. “Oh. What makes you think I’d do that?”

Kyuhyun just sneers.

Kyuhyun was supposed to make it to the twelve-week ultrasound together with Zhou Mi but of course with his luck there are too many things to take care of at work. After half a dozen slightly alternated I’ll be alright! messages from Zhou Mi he finally calms down and sends back a I will be there next time, promised. He still feels bad for missing it and buys a huge container of ice cream to make up for that, along with a rented Chinese movie he knows will bore him to death and simultaneously move Zhou Mi close to tears. He figures it’s the least he can do and maybe, just maybe, some secret part of him kind of enjoys those movies too. Even if it’s only because he can have Zhou Mi draped all over him on the couch while watching them.

He has already changed into a pair of jogging pants and a huge t-shirt, ready for a slow evening on the couch. Everything else is ready, too, except for the ice cream that is still in the freezer. After all, he can’t be quite sure when Zhou Mi is home so it’s better to make sure and not melt it all. It’s surprisingly early when he hears the rattling of the lock, the door swinging open soon after. Zhou Mi is smiling at him the instant he spots him standing there, in the middle of the floor. “I didn’t need to work overtime today!” He announces happily. “I thought I’d be stuck there forever since I had the appointment earlier and had to take a break for that and…”

He doesn’t get much further, not before Kyuhyun steps closer and wordlessly sneaks his arms around him, pulling him in for a hug and a small, chaste kiss. “You can tell me about your day later,” he gives a small grin as he pulls back, looking a little too happy with himself. He definitely knows how to shut the taller man up. “But now. How was it? What did the doctor say? Everything fine?” He doesn’t care he launched a whole bunch of questions, he needs to know. Desperately.

“Everything is fine,” Zhou Mi melts into a soft smile, one that reaches all the way up to his eyes. He reaches up and tucks a strand of hair behind Kyuhyun’s ear. It falls back two seconds later, the stubborn waves refusing to stay put. “The next appointment is a week from now. The babies are fine. I got some more flyers and magazines we can read and he even recommended me some books to – ”

Kyuhyun doesn’t care he cuts the other man off as he abruptly steps back, looking at him from huge eyes. Apparently life still had more surprises in store for them. “What? What do you mean, babies?” Kyuhyun can practically feel his jaw hit the floor and he’s certain his expression is as comical as it feels. It should be illegal to drop bombs like that in the middle of a casual conversation, damnit.

Zhou Mi at least seems amused, but at the same time kind of flustered and even… nervous. He coughs, averting his gaze down as he rubs on an invisible spot of dirt with his sock-clad foot. “Well… there’s kinda two of them.” He looks up, worrying his lower lip softly as he searches for Kyuhyun’s eyes, anxious for his reaction.

“T-two? Twins?” Kyuhyun has a definite feeling that if he was any less calm by nature, he would’ve passed out then and there. For a second it feels like his knees are giving in underneath him, but then miraculously he manages to hold himself upright. Grabbing Zhou Mi’s arm so hard it probably hurts of course has nothing to do with him gaining his balance.

It would’ve been too much to expect for everything to go smoothly, now wouldn’t it?

“Now don’t look like it’s the end of the world, Kui Xian!” Zhou Mi laughs but the laughter is nervous and a little shaky, his fingers trembling just the slightest bit as he brings up his hand to touch Kyuhyun’s cheek. “One or two, it doesn’t change anything, does it? Be glad it’s not triplets! Or quintuplets!”

Kyuhyun groans at that and leans forward, buries his face into the other man’s neck to inhale his scent deeply. “Just give me a moment to get used to the new information, okay?” He mumbles, his voice muffled since he refuses to move his head from where it’s buried in that long neck. “Second thoughts, give me a friggin’ century.”

Zhou Mi chuckles and his arms come naturally around Kyuhyun’s shoulders, holding him close. This time he sounds relieved. “You have twenty-eight weeks, Kui Xian. I can’t promise you any more.” They both know it could – and probably would – be a lot less, given the circumstances. But they can at least hope. There isn’t much else they could do anyway.

Some time later Zhou Mi manages to manoeuvre Kyuhyun over to the couch and when they both have a bowl of ice cream, they switch on the movie. The couch is wide enough to accommodate three persons but still they sit squished together in the very end of it, practically lying against each other. Just like they always do.

After the movie ends, they stay in silence for a good while. Finally Kyuhyun breaks it. “Oh my God. Twins!”

It shouldn’t be a surprise to Kyuhyun when Zhou Mi still insists on finding fashionable clothes to wear when the babies are beginning to show for real, making him look kind of awkward in most of the things he tries on. There just aren’t many good looking maternity clothes for men in this twisted world, and Zhou Mi complains about it every time he gets the chance, whining about inequality and discrimination. He refuses to wear dresses, despite the circumstances he still is no girl and as much as he likes the occasional Hello Kitty, his taste in clothing is a bit more refined.

Sometimes Zhou Mi spends a good hour in front of the mirror, considering different options. He hasn’t stopped working yet and he says he needs to be presentable when he goes out there, not to scare the customers away. Kyuhyun just wants to shove a plain shirt at him and tell him he looks good no matter what. He knows the other man well enough to hold back, though. No one is as stubborn as Zhou Mi is when he decides on something.

It’s one of those days and Kyuhyun is lying on the couch, flipping through a magazine while waiting for his program to start on TV. Zhou Mi is trying on a quite tight fit blue shirt, turning sideways to look at himself in the mirror. The purse of his lips isn’t pleased, a slight crease between his brows that definitely shouldn’t be there. “Kui Xian?” He calls, not even averting his gaze from the mirror. Kyuhyun answers with a short hum, knowing that it’s enough.

“How do I look?” Zhou Mi asks, finally turning from facing the mirror to look at the man on the couch. He doesn’t take the ‘fine’ he initially gets as an answer and growls lowly in a slight warning. “Kyuhyun. Would you please at least look at me? How do I look?” He repeats patiently.

Kyuhyun raises his gaze from his magazine, giving the other man a good once over. He looks good, like always, if slightly awkward with the way his body is adjusting to the situation. He can’t hold back a slight snort, the corner of his mouth quirking up to a small smirk. “Like a hippo.”

He can see how Zhou Mi’s jaw drops and for a second he looks like he doesn’t even believe a word he’s hearing. “Kui Xian!” He breathes out and can lace so much sheer hurt into those simple syllables that it becomes quite obvious it was the wrong thing to say. “You – you are such a prick!” Frustrated, Zhou Mi aims a swing at the pile of clothes, swiping them on the floor. It doesn’t quite give the satisfactory crash throwing something else would’ve caused, but it has to do for now.

The next second he storms out of the room, leaving a confused Kyuhyun behind.

What the hell was that about? Kyuhyun straightens on the couch and pushes the magazine off his lap. It’s not the first time he’s made a joke like that, now is it? Ever since they met he has been needling Zhou Mi about everything and nothing. Hell, on their first date he told the other man his nose looked like the Matterhorn and asked him if being so tall made him so awkward or if it was the result of being starved as a child. Zhou Mi had just laughed then, responding with equally sharp remarks about Kyuhyun.

And now he throws a mini-tantrum and storms off? This is a new one, Kyuhyun thinks. He tries to focus on reading again, but his concentration is gone and he can’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that he has done something wrong. He gives up eventually, padding across the floor to see where the other man vanished. There is no one in the kitchen, no one in the bedroom and no one even in the bathroom. He almost gives up when he checks the bedroom again, but suddenly he hears a muffled sniffle from the side.

The closet. Granted, it isn’t one of those huge closets that are sized like a proper room, but it’s still big enough for one to stand in there. Or sit, as seems to be the case now. He opens the door and his suspicions are confirmed when he sees Zhou Mi sitting on the floor, curled up into himself as he tries to hold back his tears. It always breaks something inside of Kyuhyun when he sees the other man cry, but he is still more than confused.

Silently Kyuhyun sits down on the floor and while at first Zhou Mi tries to shift away, he stops when there is an arm slipped around his waist. “I’m sorry.” Kyuhyun whispers in the dimly lit room, resting his head on Zhou Mi’s shoulder. He is bad at apologizing, and he doesn’t even really know what he is apologizing for, but when the other man hums a little he feels a weight being lifted off his shoulders.

They sit like that for a good while, neither of them speaking a single word. Slowly Zhou Mi’s sniffling dies down and he just breathes a bit more heavily than usual, shifting a little to lean more into the warm embrace. Kyuhyun almost dozes off and it makes him startle when the silence is suddenly interrupted. “I hate this.” Zhou Mi whimpers, and although Kyuhyun can’t see it he knows he is frowning. “One moment I feel like dancing out of sheer joy and the next second I turn into a friggin’ waterfall.”

It’s the hormones, Kyuhyun wants to say, it’s normal. But he knows that Zhou Mi is already aware of that and doesn’t need him to repeat the facts to him. So instead he just tightens his arm around the taller man, offering him wordless support. It seems to work, and after a moment Zhou Mi sighs lowly. “I’m still mad at you. And I still think you are a jerk.” He mumbles defiantly.

Kyuhyun grins and pulls back enough to look straight at the other man. “I know I am. But hey, let me make it up to you. I’ll warm you a nice frozen pizza and dig out some ice cream too. Sound good?” He suggested, even leaning forward to drop a small kiss in the corner of Zhou Mi’s mouth.

He expects laughter, a smile, a nod, even some mock-griping and a push on his shoulder. He does not expect the tears. It only takes a split second and a whole flow of tears is flowing down Zhou Mi’s cheeks, a helpless sob shaking his frame. He is pouting through his tears though, jutting out his lower lip to show how displeased he is.

“I hate this.” He gripes and Kyuhyun laughs, pulling him into a tight hug.


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[identity profile] catherine-leite.livejournal.com 2011-03-24 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
“No. We need to go shop baby clothes!” Zhou Mi squeals happily, nearly flailing in excitement. <<<< And, as expected! It really is important. Very very important. LMAO

[identity profile] fonulyn.livejournal.com 2011-03-24 08:38 am (UTC)(link)
Of course it is important! Zhou Mi knows what to do first XD

[identity profile] kyuhyunlover3.livejournal.com 2011-03-24 02:32 pm (UTC)(link)
;UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU; its so. cute. idek. XD

[identity profile] fonulyn.livejournal.com 2011-03-24 02:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Pure sugary fluff XD That's what I do! \o/ Thanks for reading ;D

[identity profile] thekinkykat.livejournal.com 2011-12-12 09:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Why of course <3 Everyone is allowed to write a 'weird' thing once in a while. It's not that weird though <3 It's all kind of cute and adorable and full of ranibows and unicorns and sparkles and babies <3 And I approve of that kind of reality very much.

(...)when two adults have some quality time together, it kind of results in a baby -> Oh, imaging Zhou Mi saying that, amusement in his eyes, one hand on his hip, a grin n his lips... A beautiful picture, that is completly 'Zhou Mi-like'.

“No. We need to go shop baby clothes!” Zhou Mi squeals happily, nearly flailing in excitement. ...What do you mean NEARLY? D: He should be really flailing, in the only way Zhou Mi can, which is one of his trademark gestures~ Also, baby sure knows what's the most important <3

Sungmin is adorable here.

“Now c’mon, mommy,” he smirks, secretly enjoying that he can finally attribute that word to the other man, now that he has clear tangible proof that he is the girl in this relationship. At least occasionally. “Let’s get to bed. I bet your toes are freezing.” xDDD Zhou Mi-unnie is going to be a mommy~ *very amused by that*

I loved the tickling scene. I always love scenes like that. I tickle my boyfriend all the time and he hates it and I love it and in the end he let's me have my way <3 This was pure love <3 “We are not giving the child a name I can’t pronounce.” *snorts* Oh, I can imagine Zhou Mi thinking of a name neither of them could pronounce xDDD

The babies are fine. KJDGAKUDYGQWTGDUAWSIGD YOU JUST MADE THIS FIC EVEN BETTER :'DDDDDD And Kyuhyun's reaction melt my heart a bit. So sweet <3

Hippo ;___; Oh Mimi... I think he would cry irl if someone called him a Hippo. Even if it was Kyuhyun.

And now to part two~

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haha when I began writing this a couple of my friends went all "mpreg what are you thinking!?!" and I partly thought like that myself, too XD But it was so much fun and oh my, I am such a huge softie I love mushy fluff 8D

I'm glad you find it Zhou Mi -like! I could see the scene so well in my mind when I wrote it, and the way Mi was amused and teasing and yeah. Yo catch my drift XD And I do agree, Zhou Mi's flailing is the best flailing! ♥

I wanna write more Sungmin but I don't really know how to include him most of the time.

ahah Zhou Mi -unnie never stops making me smile. He'd make a perfect mommy 8D Or daddy. Either way is fine~

Tickling~ I just love when those two get all domestic and teasing and yeah. Okay honestly, make Qmi do pretty much anything and I'm all set XD I had SO MUCH troubles trying to come up with possible names! Why are baby names so hard? XD

Just. Thank you so much for commenting on both parts! ♥ Made me really really happy and I'm going all emotional right now, too, haha~